Move Better Monday: Supine Hip Flexion with Knee Hinges

Anterior hip pain is one of the common problems that becomes present with any type of squat. More often than not, this is chalked up as some type of structural impingement issue without any further look into the symptoms. While impingement at the hip is definitely a common issue, there are tons of cases that provide similar symptoms that aren't actually driven due to structural restrictions.

While you might have the flexibility (passive range of motion) to flex your hip, this doesn't ensure that you have the mobility (active range of motion) to do so. One of my favorite drills to improve our range of motion while also better controlling it is through Supine Hip Flexion with Knee Hinges.

Of course, this is a great way to primarily challenge your ability to move through hip flexion. I've also found great improvements in internal rotation for myself just by focusing on not letting my hip bow out to the side it wants to while holding the ball. Trust me, this drill is much harder than it looks. The carryover benefits it provides make it a no brainer for your warm-ups and off-day training.