Move Better Monday: Lower Your Risk of Injury With Full and End-Range Joint Control

Here at Cressey Sports Performance, our arm care protocol is one of the key parts of programming we use to minimize injury potential to the best of our ability. While there are many factors that play a role with injury, the better we can control our bodies in uncontrollable environments, the more durable we'll be. A great way to do this is by learning how to better control our joint full and end-ranges of motion.

While a controlled environment like the one in the video above is a great way to improve joint resilience, keep in mind that it's not a solution to every possible injury. Tons of factors equate to injury prevention: good nutrition, proper sleep, mobility and stability restrictions, the nature of the sport/activity, and proper strength training are just a few.

If we can target the above areas as well as control our joints with resistance training, we're setting ourselves up for longevity with the activities we love. Have a question? Drop a line below!

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