Move Better Monday: Improve Your Squat With Mini Band Walks

If you're new to squatting, especially with weight in your hands or on your back, there's a bunch of things that can go wrong.

  • Are you arching or rounding your spine too much?
  • Is your torso tipping too far forward when you descend?
  • Are your heels staying planted into the ground or are you coming up on your toes?
  • Are your knees collapsing in (valgus)?

The last bullet point is one that I see quite often with new clients. I've found that the majority of these folks are simply unaware of their positioning and need coaching. A great feedback tool to avoid knee valgus is with the help of a mini band. By squatting or performing lateral mini band walks, you're able to feel the difference between whether the knees collapse in or not. The video below explains more:

Just a warning: high-rep lateral mini band walks will crush the outer parts of your hips when done correctly. Don't overdo them when performing heavy squats, especially if you don't have a ton of training experience under your belt. The input you'll receive from six to eight reps is more than enough to understand where your knees should end up in the top and bottom of the squat.

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