Move Better Monday: Get the Most Out of Your Supine Core Drills

"Dead bugs are too easy, what can I do instead?"

This is something I've heard dozens of times from clients, until they realize that a dead bug isn't quite as easy as they think it is. In fact, when done correctly, I think dead bugs are one of the toughest core drills somebody can do. The problem is actually teaching people how to perform them correctly.

By using a band, like I did in the video above, external feedback is given that will force good positioning between the rib cage and the pelvis. When both are positioned correctly, the musculature of the torso can work optimally. The band proprioception isn't just limited to dead bugs; 90/90 hip lifts, kettlebell pullovers, and straight leg raises are just a few other options you could incorporate using the band. Give this drill a try and start taking your core training up a notch.