Move Better Monday: Choosing the Right Progression/Regression for Mobility Work

We should all strive to improve our mobility on a daily basis. There's no other way around it. The approach we take, however, needs to be addressed in an appropriate manner to ensure progress.

Far too often, I find people cranking into ranges of motion that they have zero business attempting. Not only do they feel awful in certain positions, but they also continue to irritate the joints that they're trying to improve. This leads to both frustration and doubt with the exercises they're prescribing to themselves.

Similar to our weight training, we need to do a better job of selecting the right variations to see progress with our joint health. If the drills we practice is too intense/uncomfortable, it will more than likely have a detrimental effect. We need to scale our drills based off our current limitations, which I break down in this week's installment of Move Better Monday.