Move Better Monday: Cat Camel Variations

"You need to strengthen your core and hip musculature."

We hear this all the time when it comes to the advice given to folks that suffer from back pain. In a bunch of cases, pain could be due to poor exercise technique. Better engagement of the muscles that attach at the hips and core could prevent lower back pain during loaded movements.

But what's causing our debilitating pain when we rotate, bend sideways, or move in such a way where we don't train that line of motion?

Speaking from first-hand experience and the consensus amongst clients I've worked with, it always comes down to whether or not you have control of movement at the entire spine. With most exercises for injury "prevention" of the lower back, we talk about stabilizing the spine with proper bracing. While building strength in these positions is 100% a good recommendation for anybody, these static positions we train might not necessarily ensure that we relieve pain completely.

This is exactly why I love Cat Camel.

The neuromuscular control cat camel helps you develop is unlike any other drill I've ever performed for the spine. The key to making this drill as effective as possible is concentrating on moving one vertebrae of the spine at a time. It takes time to really hone in on this and control it to the best of your ability, but the variations in the video above should be a great starting point for you.