Move Better Monday: Can You Get Off the Floor?

I've started to appreciate bodyweight movement more as of late than ever before. There's tons of progress that could be made to enhance the way we move without touching a single weight or piece of training equipment.

Thanks to Dan John, one of my favorite ways to assess my client's movement quality is by observing the way they transition from the floor to standing. You'll notice individuals that have a hard time getting off of the floor are also the people that don't move well. They're also the people riddled with injuries and rely on pain medication rather than movement itself.

I like to play games with my clients when using this type of drill in their warm-up. I'll typically tell them that they can't touch the floor with their hands, and it really forces them to "figure" out how to use their hips and torso more effectively. For those that have difficulty without using the upper body, I try to get them to just use one arm and alternate which arm they use each rep. I'll usually prescribe this for 8 to 10 reps, making sure that we perform the same amount of reps on each side of the body.

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