Same Shit, Different Day: The Wrong Route for Nutrition

Have you ever been in this situation before? (The answer's yes before you even read these next couple of paragraphs.)

You're walking down the street and bump into somebody you know.... somewhat. You went to high school with them, or shot the shit with them a time or two at the gym. Next comes the typical awkward small talk, which always results in one of two options:

A) Talking nonsense about how great/awful the weather is.
B) Talking about how you've been.

When the answer's B, you can bet your ass it's something along the lines of:

"Ah, you know. Same shit, different day. Work sucks; the kids are a pain in the ass. What about you?"

You get the gist.

Sounds like a pretty crappy life, don't you think? Going through the motions with a lack a variety sucks. Doing the same exact thing day-in and day-out would make me want to blow my brains out. I definitely don't live life on the edge, but I definitely couldn't last the normal 9 to 5 lifestyle longer than a week.

Yet this is how a TON of people approach their nutrition. For whatever reason, someone in the fitness industry deemed this as the only meal you can eat if you want to reach your desired physique.

You'd be surprised how often I come across this daily dietary recall when sitting down with nutrition consultations.

  • Oatmeal for breakfast
  • Chicken and broccoli for lunch
  • A protein shake for a snack
  • Chicken and broccoli again for dinner

How boring is that?

While consistency is key, this is definitely a far from optimal approach with food. Where's the variety of color with vegetables? Where's the healthy fats, like eggs and avocado? Where's the carbs? Yes, believe it or not, carbohydrates aren't the devil if they're coming from good sources.

Take a look at the chemical structures for our fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin A, D, E, and K.

Without making this an organic chemistry lesson, it's blatant that each of these vitamins has a different chemical composition and structure. This dictates the reaction that occurs in your body, as you can see in the blue font next to each structure.

It's safe to conclude that each vitamin brings their own unique qualities to the table, and it's critical to have adequate intake of each and every one of them

If you consume the same shit every single day, you're missing the boat big time on vitamin and mineral intake. Unless you're supplementing with a multivitamin as well, there's a good chance you may be deficient in certain nutrients if you consume the same meals habitually.

So what do we do?

Very simple, switch it up.

You had oatmeal for breakfast today? Great! Have yogurt or an omelet tomorrow with a side of vegetables.

You had chicken and broccoli for lunch today? I'm cool with that, obviously. Let's shoot for a couple different vegetables and a whole grain to compliment that chicken tomorrow.

You already had chicken for lunch today, how about nice cut of steak or ground turkey for lunch?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to healthy selections, seriously. Fill up your menu with foods you enjoy. It makes "dieting" a helluva lot more enjoyable and sustainable. Not a bad combination if you ask me.