Exercise (You Should Be Doing) of the Week: Installment 7

Overhead pressing is a great way to develop overall upper body strength and muscle mass. I've covered this topic before here, so I won't go into full details as to why overhead pressing is a valuable weapon in your arsenal.

However, just like the row I covered last week, most people perform overhead presses incorrectly. This leads to energy leaks, which can result in an injury or stagnant progress when it comes to slapping more weight on the bar (or kettlebell).

The half-kneeling 1-arm bottoms up kettlebell press is the first exercise I prescribe to individuals looking to improve their overhead press. Because of the lack of stability in the bottoms-up position, it requires you to create tension to prevent the kettlebell from flopping over and drilling you in the forearm.

As this starts to get easier, I'll then incorporate the normal kettlebell overhead press. By priming the pattern with the bottoms-up press, it's much easier to grasp the idea behind total body tension, leading to heavy and healthy pressing.