Exercise (You Should Be Doing) of the Week: Installment 6

Are rows part of your exercise regimen? I hope so. Rowing variations are a great way to develop a strong and big upper back. They also have great carry over into your compound movements like the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

The issue with rows, however, is that most people perform them incorrectly. Rather than moving through the shoulder blade, most folks move through their shoulder instead.

Confusing? I understand. In the video below, I explain the difference between both movements, and why moving through the shoulder is the wrong way to perform the row. 

The half-kneeling 1-arm band (or cable) row is the first row variation I introduce to most clients in order to grasp true scapular movement. Learn how to move your shoulder blade, and you're well on your way to healthier shoulders as well as moving more weight.