Exercise (You Should Be Doing) of the Week: Installment 4

Curls for the girls. Bi's for the guys. In one way or another, everybody loves biceps curls. 

The goblet squat curl isn't exactly the best "bang for your buck" exercise in regards to developing your biceps. Now before you click out of this page, hear me out because it provides plenty of other benefits.

Side note: This beard is getting absolutely disgusting. I love it.

While the biceps will work to a certain degree, this is one of the "secondary" benefits to the goblet squat curl itself.

While holding this position isometrically, you're developing both stability and mobility at the hips in the bottom of the squat in order to push through sticking points that might cause you to miss heavy kettlebell squats. By keeping this upright torso in the hole you will also be able to drive through the floor more efficiently with your posterior chain, which is critical when you transition to a barbell. By controlling both the flexion and extension portions of the curl, you're also recruiting your anterior core to prevent your body from swaying back and forth. Biceps, glutes, hamstrings, lats, and core all in one. Boom.

While it may not be the sexiest of exercises, the goblet squat curl can be a great way to maintain proper tension in the bottom of your squat. By maintaining tension throughout the whole movement, you give yourself a much better chance at pushing heavy weight the more experienced you get. And as we all know already, the stronger you get, the more awesome of a human being you are.