Unicorns Inspired Me To Better Myself...I Shit You Not

I was motivated this weekend.

For those of you that don't know by now, I was in attendance at the Motivation and Movement Lab hosted by Mark Fisher Fitness. If you're unaware of the Mark Fisher Fitness Clubhouse and culture, I highly suggest you watch this video to get a better feel:

Show me another place that describes neutral spine position as an elegant boner, you can't.

I love everything this culture represents. Although MFF is outrageous with their antics, the team's ability to engage, stimulate (no pun intended), and support the community they've created in a genuine manner every single day is unlike anything I've ever seen.

The Motivation and Movement Lab went above and beyond my expectations. The lectures? Phenomenal. The hands-on presentations? Phenomenal. The ability to interact with presenters? Phenomenal. Hell, even the snack bar was phenomenal... any event that serves Cookies n' Creme Quest Bars is an event that I can get down with.

While the infrastructure of the event was flawless in my opinion, the other attendees only enhanced the overall experience. It's not every day you can grab lunch with the guys from Strength Faction and shoot the shit with them like you've been friends for years. It just goes to show that even if you are a well-established coach in this industry, learning never stops.

  Photo Credit: Strength Faction Facebook

Photo Credit: Strength Faction Facebook

With that being said, here were the two biggest takeaways for me that I believe can help anyone enhance the relationships within their life, whether it be spouse, client, family member, etc.


The first, "holy shit" moment of the weekend came from Michael Keeler, the Business Wizard (yes, that's his actual title) at MFF. Michael, who opened up the weekend with his talk on Saturday, delivered my favorite presentation of the weekend: 3-Non Fitness Skills Every World Class Trainer Needs to Master.

  Photo Credit: Michael Keeler's Presentation

Photo Credit: Michael Keeler's Presentation

Listening is easy, no? I mean, we do it all day long every single day. Whether it be music, conversation, or our own thoughts, we're always listening in one way or another... right?

I've always thought of myself as a relatively good listener. Well, I was wrong.

Michael brought up the point that listening truly is a skill that needs to be practiced. Rather than trying to figure who the person speaking in front of me is, I would always find a way to relate it back to me. Here's an example:

If a female told me she doesn't want to get big and bulky, I would just blow that off every time.

"You don't produce enough testosterone for that to happen!"

"You're mislead by these commercials on television!"

"Unless you're on steroids, it's not going to happen!"

I was 100% efficient at making people feel like they were wrong with our initial assessment. 100%. Instead of trying to learn who the person in front of me was and what they were saying, I chose to reassure myself that I was right and they were wrong by telling them what "science says."

Thanks for getting my head out of my ass, Michael. I'm excited to practice the strategies you've provided us with.

  Photo Credit:  Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

The Hero's Journey

The most intriguing portion of the weekend was delivered by the Jesus of Unicorpia (again, that's his actual title), Michael Littig. The presentation, Storytelling through Strength: The Hero's Journey, had the wheels inside my head churning quite a bit trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle to my story together.

It took me ten minutes (which felt like two hours) just to come up with an idea as to what my own personal story looks likes. Not joking. Do me a favor, and ask yourself these questions quickly:

Who am I?

Where's my journey taking me?

What's the final destination of this journey?

Who am I influencing and helping through my experiences on this journey?

I'm warning you now, these are some of the toughest questions that I've had to answer. I'll be honest, I'm still drawing blanks on a couple of them. The beautiful thing is, the better I'm able to grasp my story and understand my journey, the better equipped I am to help those in my community with their own Hero's Journey.

Thank you, Michael!

Along with both Michael's, I'd also like to thank the other presenters: Artemis, Pete, Harold, Mark, Stevo, and Tony for their effort, passion, and delivery of valuable content. I'm sure I speak for every attendee when I say that your collaboration as a group helped better me as a coach.

  Photo Credit:  Mark Fisher Facebook

Photo Credit: Mark Fisher Facebook