Move Better Monday: Fix Your Scaps (Part III)

In the third and final installment of highlighting the scapular with Move Better Monday, I'd like to break down my favorite closed-chain CARs for teaching awareness and proper movement at the scap.

By setting up in a fixed position on the wall or quadruped, it's much easier to concentrate on the joint that's supposed to be moving. Far too often with open-chain CARs variations, you find individuals that compensate because they're not aware of their body position in space. By providing the hands and feet with proprioception, it's much easier to recognize whether you compensate through elbow flexion, cervical movement, etc., with the scapular CARs above.

Want to learn more about the FRC/Kinstretch systems and how we use them here at Iron Lion Performance? Join us for our next Kinstretch class this Wednesday if you're in the local area. Joe Gambino, DPT will be hosting and explaining the importance of mobility training and how to incorporate it into your daily life.

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