Move Better Monday: Fix Your Scaps (Part II)

As a coach that comes from a baseball background, I always drill into my athlete's heads how important scapular control (just one of many factors) is towards maintaining a healthy arm throughout the duration of their seasons. I'd like to shift gears a little bit today with this Installment of Move Better Monday, and show how efficient control of the scaps leads to a more efficient trap bar deadlift.

For those of you curious about the introduction to this video, our good friend Joe Gambino isn't the most tech-saavy individual. He chose to take pictures rather than record the video with our camcorder. This only took about five tries before we could get the kinks out!

Until this point in time, I haven't come across another drill that teaches upper back tension for the deadlift as quickly as standing scapular CARs. It's also rather easy to self-correct these if you're having difficulty; perform them in front of a mirror and focus on the elbow and hand not leaving the side of your body. It might take some time to figure out, but with concentration you'll be able to feel your scaps initiate the movement.

Understanding how your scaps move unloaded is something I've come to appreciate over the past year. Loading clients up with row variations (whether it be TRX, dumbbell, barbell, etc.) without them understanding how to retract their scaps properly is a surefire way to elicit pain and discomfort in the shoulder. Teach them clean shoulder blade movement without weight initially and it makes your job much easier once they start rowing and pressing heavy. 

Have a great week, folks. Next week we'll start touching on performing these CARs in different positions and under resistance to really piece the whole puzzle together.