Move Better Monday: Closed Chain Ankle CARs

When it comes to mobility training, we should perform Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) in both opened chain and closed chain positions. Closed chain CARs are movements where the feet or hand are in a fixated position with the floor.

Today's video, which covers closed chain ankle CARs, is a good example of how people should use the floor to learn how to dissociate joints. With closed chain ankle CARs, the ground contact we're making provides feedback, which allows us to differentiate foot movement from ankle movement.

Move Better Monday: Couch Stretch PAILs/RAILs

If I took a survey of 100 people in regards to what their favorite stretch was, I'd be willing to bet 75 of those individuals chose some type of hip flexor/Couch Stretch variation. While stretching the hip flexors might feel great, there needs to be some type of isometric component involved to ensure we're improving our mobility alongside flexibility.

Couch Stretch Progressive and Regressive Angular Isometric Loading (PAILs/RAILs) are a great way to improve both hip extension and knee flexion at the same time. Keep in mind that multi-joint PAILs/RAILs drills could be a bit extreme for beginners. However, when prescribed correctly, improving overall hip and knee mobility will lead to both feeling and moving better.



Move Better Monday: Shoulder CARs with Foam Roller

Shoulder Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) are an exercise I prescribe to all of my clients on a daily basis. For optimal shoulder longevity and maintenance of our mobility, it's important to move the glenohumeral joint throughout it's entire range of motion under voluntary muscular control. However, most people compensate good shoulder movement for other joint movements when training near their end-ranges.

Today's Move Better Monday breaks down how to quickly clean up any torso rotation with your Shoulder CARs by incorporating a foam roller into the movement. Check out the video below to learn how and why this is a great way to perform your CARs if you're a beginner!

Move Better Monday: Why We Use End-Range Lift-Offs

Over the past year, End-Range Lift-Offs have become a staple within my training programs. I firmly believe that everybody should learn how to strengthen their end-ranges of motion in controlled environments. The stronger we could get in challenging joint angles, the better chance we have at preventing injury in environments full of variability. The video below explains the hows and whys to End-Range Lift-Offs alongside an example of one of my favorite drills.

Move Better Monday: Hip CARs in Push-Up Position

With the Functional Range Conditioning system, we always talk about training as many different joint angles under voluntary muscular contraction. One of the newest positions I've been training Hip Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) is through a push-up stance. While the position of these is the most challenging I've come across to date, I see a ton of merit in them when done properly.

Of course, these aren't meant for everybody due to the high demands of irradiation and multi-joint stability required. If you're able to position yourself properly however, I highly recommend giving these a shot. These Hip CARs will challenge you, but also give you a better feel on how to build sufficient tension while resisting any type of compensatory movement.